Aureon Hosting DNS Information

If you intend to keep DNS for your domain hosted someplace other than Aureon, this is information you can use to point those alternative DNS servers at our services for your account. DNS is an included part of our hosting services, but there are instances when it is appropriate to have it hosted elsewhere. This would typically mean that you are keeping some level of service active at a 3rd-party provider.

If you have questions about this process, please email our Webmaster Team at

IMPORTANT: These DNS records are what you'll need to make Aureon Hosting Services work. If you currently have DNS records that manage other services (like an email server or some other server that is on the web) that Aureon does not provide, do not remove them.

For a smoother DNS transition, you can lower the Time To Live (TTL) of your domain to a shorter interval (5 minutes is suggested) 48 hours before DNS records are changed. This will ensure the Internet as a whole learns of the changes more quickly.

Mail Hosting: (replace with your domain name)

MX (Mail eXchange)records:
priority 10
CNAME records: