NetINS Speedtest

Speed Test Preparation

  1. Close all applications
  2. Directly connect to a broadband modem/router

    A wired connection (not Wi-Fi) will provide the most accurate results.

  3. Turn off internet devices

    This will eliminate other devices using the connection during the speed test. Devices Include gaming consoles, IP Streaming devices, smart phones and tablets and other Internet connected devices such as televisions and appliances.

  4. Restart your computer 

Testing Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Factors that can impact a speed test?
    • Computer hardware age and capabilities
    • Installed software
    • Adware or Spyware
    • Web browser – recommend using a current, updated browser.
  • Why didn’t I get the bandwidth I was expecting?
    • You may need to restart your computer or broadband modem and retest.
    • Ensure no other devices are using the connection.
    • Shut off all programs and stop all downloads.
    • If you need assistance, please contact our Internet support at 1.800.205.1110