Fraudulent Emails Circulating

July 9, 2018

Fraudulent emails adopt many different forms and are the unauthorized actions of third parties. These email messages referred to as "phishing" or "spoofing" are becoming more common and may appear legitimate by incorporating company brands, colors, logos, or other legal disclaimers.

There have been a number of fraudulent emails reported. These types of emails point to invalid hyperlinks that are revealed when you hover your cursor over them. The invalid links may contain malware, which could potentially corrupt your computer or device.

These are not legitimate communications from NET INS, and should you receive any of these emails, do not follow any links provided or click on any attachments. Instead, simply delete the email. If you've accidentally selected a link, you should run a virus scan immediately.

Please be advised that NET INS will never request payment information, personal information, financial information, account numbers, IDs, passwords, or copies of invoices in an unsolicited manner through email, mail, or phone. NETINS powered by Aureon accepts no responsibility for any costs or charges incurred as a result of fraudulent activity.

Things to help you identify Phishing attempts:

·        Are you expecting this email from this person?

·        Bad graphic.  Be leery of fuzzy, pixelated, or mismatched graphics.

·        Look for awkward spacing

·        Look for grammatical errors

·        Unusual Salutations

·        Incorrect URL’s.  Hover over any links/buttons/graphics to reveal where the link will lead.

·        Are they asking you for any personal information/usernames, passwords?