Basic FTP Settings

Web Hosting

Server: ftp.yourdomain.ext 
Username: Admin Username
Password: Admin Password


Windows Web Hosting

Username: ftpyourusername
Password: Password

Uploading with FTP

A major requirement for maintaining a successful website is a good FTP program. Two such programs are FileZilla, Fetch and WS-FTP LE, but there are other programs available.

Once you have installed the program, you will need to set up a connection to us:

  • Set the Host Name or Server as ftp.yourdomain.ext or
  • Enter your Username and password as they appears in the Account Settings emails you were sent.
  • Once you are connected to the Internet, open the program and double click on the connection you have created.

If you are having particular problems setting up your FTP software, be sure to check the help files that come with the software or send email to the author of the package for the quickest response.

Troubleshooting FTP

There are a few problems you may run into when using FTP. Most are simple in nature and can be solved by checking a few basic things.

Unable to login

  • Double-check your hostname and username. Retype your password.
  • Usernames and passwords are Case Sensitive. If the original email you received shows the password as lowercase, then it needs to be typed in as lowercase.
  • Verify you are able to connect ot the Internet and able to browse.

Specific to Windows Web Hosting

  • There are no periods or spaces between ftp and the username (ex: ftpusername)
  • Usernames longer than 15 characters have been truncated to 15 characters.
  • The FTP username is not the same as the PLESK username.
  • The username can be viewed within PLESK and the password for ftp access reset.
  • The PLESK 'forgot password' link on the login page is only for the PLESK username and password, not the ftp access.

Unable to upload files

If you are able to login to FTP but are unable to transfer files, login to your Admin or PLESK site and check on Disk Usage. If you are over quota or near quota you have a few options:

  • You can remove unnecessary files until you have enough space.
  • You can upgrade to a higher package that has more disk space. You can compare the features of all our packages here.

Unable to view uploaded pages

  • Make sure you have uploaded to the correct directory (if you are uncertain, check your Basic Settings page, found here.)
  • If it is in the proper directory, delete your Temporary Internet Files and refresh your browser.