What is it?
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) allows a person to transfer files between two computers, generally connected via the Internet.

How Does It Work?

A browser, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape, can use FTP. Please note that FTP support varies widely between browsers from full drag and drop capability to download only. If your domain name is “yourname.com,” you can use a browser’s FTP access by entering a URL in the form of ftp://yourname.com@yourname.com. You will be asked to enter your WebsiteOS password.

Graphical FTP clients often display two panels, one representing your local hard disk and the other representing the remote filestore. To transfer a file, click on it to highlight it, and then click on the “Transfer” button or the arrow button that points in the direction you want the file to go. “Upload” generally means moving the file from your local machine to the remote machine; “Download” generally means moving the file from the remote machine to your local machine.

Command line systems require you to enter commands from the keyboard. Type the ftp command followed by the name or IP number of the site you want to connect to.