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France's Macron under pressure to step up game against Le PenFrench presidential frontrunner Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday rejected accusations he was resting on his laurels after winning the first round of the election, insisting "nothing's won yet" in the race against the far right's Marine Le Pen. The 39-year-old centrist said his victory in Sunday's first round of voting was proof that pollsters -- who had long placed him second to Le Pen in the opening round -- "get it wrong". "Nothing's won yet," Macron said during a visit to a hospital near Paris.

Police Use Data Found on Slain Woman's Fitbit in Murder Case Against HusbandConnie Dabate, 39, was found shot to death in the Ellington home she shared with her two children and husband, Richard Dabate, on December 23, 2015.

The Scandals of Donald Trump: Presidential EditionMichael Flynn’s troubles keep getting worse. On Tuesday, the chairman and ranking member of the House Oversight Committee said that the former national security adviser had likely broken the law by failing to seek permission to receive, and failing to disclose payments he received, from Russia and Turkey.

Gov. John Kasich on President Trump's first 100 days, who's to blame for division in AmericaKasich weighs in on Donald Trump and how he thinks the country can come together.

Officer says 'minimal but necessary force' used on United passengerOne of the police officers who forcibly removed a passenger from a United Airlines flight said "minimal but necessary force" was used in the incident that became a public relations disaster for the carrier, according to a report released by the city. Video recorded by other passengers showed David Dao, a 69-year-old doctor, being dragged down the aisle with blood on his face after refusing to give up his seat on a flight from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky on April 9. Dao suffered a concussion and a broken nose, lost two front teeth and is likely to sue the airline, according to his lawyer, Thomas Demetrio.

Iran nuclear deal under review as uncertainty growsIran and major powers met Tuesday in Vienna to review adherence to their 2015 nuclear deal as uncertainty grows about the landmark accord's future under US President Donald Trump. The regular quarterly meeting heard, as Washington confirmed last week, that Iran is sticking to its side of the deal with the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany, diplomats said. The accord saw Tehran drastically curb its nuclear activities in order to ease concerns that Iran wanted to build an atomic bomb.

New Video Shows Dr. David Dao Boarding United Flight Before Being Dragged OffThe incident happened on April 9 and sparked global outrage.

ASEAN leaders likely to go soft on sea feud in Manila summitMANILA, Philippines (AP) — Southeast Asian leaders will express serious concern over territorial disputes in the South China Sea when they gather in an annual summit in Manila this week, but a draft of a communique to be issued at the end of the meeting indicates they will adopt subdued language on a conflict that has increasingly alarmed Asian and Western governments.

Watch the 2017 Honda Civic Type R Set a New FWD Nurburgring Lap RecordWith a 7:43.80 lap time, the 306-horsepower turbocharged Type R snatches front-drive victory from the hottest VW GTI.

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